The State of GTM Compensation: H2 2023 Report

If you want to attract and hire top GTM talent, you have to stay competitive. But with the tech industry constantly evolving and expanding, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

Our H2 2023 State of GTM Compensation report leverages real-world survey and search data made by CloserIQ to provide unparalleled insights into the hiring and compensation strategies of the fastest-growing tech startups in the US.

See our H2 2023 State of GTM Compensation Report here.

Here are 5 top GTM hiring and compensation trends you need to know:

1. Total compensation is tapering off.

After 6 consecutive quarters of tech industry layoffs, we’re seeing compensation plateau and even decrease in some instances across GTM roles.

2. Reduced quota attainment decreased total earnings.

Reported quota attainment for revenue roles has fallen in the last year, which has significantly decreased On-Target Earnings (OTE). Base salaries have become more of a priority for GTM professionals which has increased relative to OTE for certain roles.

3. It’s an employer’s market for the foreseeable future.

Talent pools are saturated with candidates from BigTech layoffs, allowing hiring managers to be more selective and spearfish critical hires using more in-depth interview processes. Durable startups are picking up incredible talent.

4. Remote hiring is reverting to hybrid and in-office.

While many employers are still committed to offering the flexibility of hybrid work, earlier stage companies are reverting to in-person for key hires. Companies are focused on creating hubs and prioritizing candidates in the same time zone.

5. GTM organizations are flattening.

As growth slowed, many GTM organizations collapsed middle management and replaced their executive leaders (ex. CRO) with front-line leaders (ex. Head of Sales) and individual contributors.

Read our entire report for data and insights on:

  • – Current compensation benchmarks for U.S.-based GTM individual contributor and leadership roles
  • – Top hiring sectors and trends in GTM recruiting
  • – New survey data results on GTM leadership trends by company funding size

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